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    Shower Glass Hero Weekly


    Our eco-friendly weekly shower glass cleaner is tough on hard water spots but great for family health because we know the healthy choices we make every day for our families add up.   

    It's for the house proud who want crystal clear shower glass but are only willing to commit to one clean per week.

    Which, let's be honest is most of us right?

    To understand what causes stained shower glass, one must understand this simple concept. Water droplets turn into water spots through evaporation, which causes the staining on shower glass. 

    Now to solve this problem for good, we created the perfect eco-friendly shower glass cleaning system.

    Its a clever combination of our formulation and our weekly shower glass cleaning pad that stop those awful hard water spots returning to your shower glass.

    shower glass hero weekly price Shower glass hero weekly an eco friendly weekly shower glass cleaner Shower Glass Hero Weekly cleans shower glass for 3 months

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    How it works is simple. 4 times a year (every 3 months ) we'll send you out a new bottle of shower glass cleaner plus renew your shower glass cleaning pad. This clever cleaning system is what will keep your shower glass crystal clear. This way you can be sure your shower glass will always look its best.

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